Award Application Process

Giving Philosophy

A community is as strong as its roots. The Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund Inc. is committed to nurturing the growth of South Florida by supporting nonprofits with a proven track record of programs fulfilling our mission and awarding them with digital subscriptions, funding, in-kind donations.

Through the Sun Sentinel Children's Fund Inc., we support programs that will:

  • Have long-term, positive impact on the community.
  • Reflect the cultural diversity of our citizens.
  • Meet the needs of targeted and under-serviced populations.
  • Offer educational programs which focus on mobility and self sufficiency

General Guidelines

The Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund Inc. will award public charities that serve the South Florida community, and have a focus in Broward and Palm Beach County.

In addition, the Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund Inc. supports a variety of nonprofit organizations with a special emphasis on those that work to achieve our goals and objectives and touch a diverse population, in particular, those that:

  • Equip individuals and families to escape the bonds of poverty
  • Remove barriers for employment
  • Foster a community of independent, upwardly mobile and informed citizens
  • Offer educational programs which help communities become upwardly mobile, self-sufficient, and informed citizens.

Requesting nonprofits should have an annual operating budget of $100,000 or should have at least a three to five year operating history. Nonprofits may apply once annually.

Partnership Opportunities:

The Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund Inc. is looking for opportunities where we can have a strong partnership with a nonprofit partner. In an effort to continue to give back to our community and align our giving with the Sun Sentinel’s goals and objectives, we’ve looked at the resources we can best provide nonprofits and will be offering digital subscriptions, cash awards and in-kind donations to nonprofits who can best benefit from these assets. Nonprofits that apply would need to show how they could use the following resources to best meet their mission and/or programmatic goals.

  • Digital Subscriptions to the Sun Sentinel
  • Awardees would be given a pre-determined number of digital subscriptions. Digital subscriptions include unlimited access (24/7), access to newsletters, and website and app content. Subscriptions would also offer a replica feature that translates content in all languages.
    A requirement is that the nonprofit can assure that the individuals they are helping have access to a computer and have an email so they can receive the digital subscription, and that as part, they facilitate the individual registering to receive it as part of the services they offer.
  • Cash
  • Small cash grants awarded to help the nonprofit further their mission or programmatic goals.
  • In-kind Donations
  • Access to newspaper to promote their nonprofit through ad campaigns
    Ad placement is determined by space availability
    Ads can only be used to promote mission, services or impact of the group. Fundraising ads are not allowed.
    We provide curriculum and educational tools for life skills and citizenship

Ineligible Groups

  • Religious nonprofits for religious purposes.
  • Individuals; trucks or vans; web site design, implementation and maintenance.
  • Medical or health-related nonprofits, except as noted in program guidelines.
  • Capital requests for building and/or major improvements.
  • Political causes/nonprofits

  • Athletic teams (youth, recreational, little league, intramural, etc.)

  • Social groups (i.e. Elks Lodge, Moose Club, etc.)

  • Neighborhood activities (cookouts, picnics, associations, etc.)
  • Programs that provide support primarily outside the geographic market
  • Employee assistance, including scholarships, sponsorships and other forms of financial aid

  • Community or event advertising

  • Student trips or exchange programs

  • Federal or Corporate United Way campaigns
  • Nonprofits that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, national origin, disability, handicap, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or any other basis prohibited by law

Application Procedure

With many strong nonprofits in our community, our application process is now by invitation only.

An invitation to apply will be sent to select nonprofits in the Spring of each calendar year. Preference will be given to nonprofits that meet at least one or more of new focus areas and can best utilizes the resources provided by the Sun Sentinel.

Proposals will be reviewed and a select group of nonprofits will be selected. Please remember, an invitation to apply does not guarantee your nonprofit will be selected to receive funding.

Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund Inc.
Kelly Alvarez Vitale, Administrator
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