On behalf of the Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund Inc., thank you for your interest in our fund. For more than forty years, charities affiliated with the Sun Sentinel have been granted $40 million to positively impact thousands of children and families. We were able to make this kind of an impact through the help of generous donors and with the help of a matching gift partner.

Without a matching gift partner going forward, and with donors able to easily contribute directly to their nonprofits of choice, the Sun Sentinel has decided to refocus its philanthropic endeavors and will no longer offer the Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund Inc. as a vehicle for fundraising and grant administration for charitable donations. As a result, the Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund Inc. has closed.

The Sun-Sentinel will continue its proud tradition of helping those in need and providing dignity and hope to vulnerable populations though our long-standing News in Education (NIE) program (https://nieonline.com/sentinel/). NIE provides educators and places of learning free access to news content, standards-based supplemental educational materials and interactive online activities. In addition, the Sun Sentinel will continue to partner with local nonprofit organizations and shed light on important issues. We are proud of what we have accomplished together and we are forever grateful for the work you do to help those in need. Thank you for your commitment to our community.

Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund Inc.
Kelly Alvarez Vitale, Administrator
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