About the Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund Inc:

Recently, the Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund Inc. changed its mission to equip individuals and families to escape the bonds of poverty, remove barriers for employment, and foster a community of independent, upwardly mobile and informed citizens.

With our new focus areas in place, we’re poised to partner with local nonprofit organizations that help children, families and individuals improve the future of those in need right here in South Florida.

This will be accomplished by aligning our giving philosophy with our corporate mission of being the most essential news and information provider in South Florida. Leveraging our greatest asset of content, grant recipients will be awarded access to information through cash awards, donor-funded digital subscriptions, and in-kind contributions.

With all expenses paid, 100% of donations, plus a 100% match on each digital subscription given, will be granted across South Florida. This continues the Sun Sentinel’s proud and longstanding tradition of helping those in need, and by providing dignity and hope to vulnerable populations.

The Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund Inc. believes in creating communities that thrive. Together, we are building a stronger South Florida for tomorrow by investing in our children, adults and families today.

On behalf of the Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund Inc., thank you for your donation(s) in support of our mission. For more than forty years charities affiliated with the Sun Sentinel have granted $40 million to local South Florida nonprofits, positively impacting thousands of children and families. We were able to make this kind of an impact through the help of generous donors, like you, and with the help of a matching gift partner.

Without a matching gift partner going forward, and with donors able to easily contribute directly to their nonprofits of choice, the Sun Sentinel has decided to refocus its philanthropic endeavors and will no longer offer the Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund Inc. as a vehicle for fundraising and grant administration for charitable donations. As a result, the Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund Inc. will be closed. All donations received by the Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund Inc. after September 30, 2018 will be returned to donors.

For those who donated to our Fund this year, we were pleased to be able to award five local nonprofits digital subscriptions, deliver in-kind advertising and grant cash awards. We are proud of what we have accomplished together and we are forever grateful for your support over the years to help those in need. Thank you for your commitment to our community.

Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund Inc.
Kelly Alvarez Vitale, Administrator
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